Characteristics of a Child-Friendly Hotel That Marina Bay Sands Has

Singapore is a popular tourist destination for families, and Marina Bay Sands hotel provides rooms for families. This Merlion country has a variety of fascinating tourist attractions, but you need to find a child-friendly hotel with the following characteristics.

Double Bed Room Type with Complete Facilities

Choose a hotel that provides a double bed option in the room, because usually, children cannot sleep easily. In addition, child-friendly hotels have spacious rooms so they can accommodate kid’s space.

When you and your baby need to sleep in separate rooms, you can choose a hotel that provides connected room facilities. A hotel room with a private balcony or terrace can also be an option because it can be an entertainment for children.

When staying in a hotel with children, you may need a mini-fridge, a thermos, and a water heater. For example, you need a mini-fridge, to store food and drink stock. You can use the kitchen when you want to make solid food or serve food when the child wants to eat immediately.

Children Facilities

If a hotel says it is child-friendly, then playroom facilities should already be there. Although the existing playroom and kids club is small, playing is a pleasure for children. It will be good if the hotel has a large green garden for children to do activities, without disturbing other hotel guests.

Located in a Strategic Area

One of the characteristics of the hotel, including a strategic area, is its location close to transportation centers and tourist attractions. Marina Bay Sands is known as Singapore’s iconic hotel, this place is definitely in a strategic area.

Hotels that are close to tourist areas make travel time more efficient, especially when children are not physically as strong as adults. When visiting tourist attractions that are far from the hotel, it makes children vulnerable to fatigue when they arrive at the location.

The hotel is also strategic if it is near shopping centers and places to eat. This makes you not have to bother when you want to find souvenirs or food.

What Are The Characteristics of Marina Bay Hotels?

Marina Bay Sands is a strategically located hotel, super comfortable, and has family rooms that can accommodate three or four people. The hotel is close to a children’s shopping center, so you can find toys for children in that place.

Every hotel room facility has free WiFi access, and visitors can enjoy watching movies. There is also a hotel attraction as entertainment called Digital Light Canvas which offers an interactive digital experience.

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